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                                    Please Note - Our hours have changed:
                                    Monday - Thursday: 8:30am - 4:
                                    00pm         Friday - Sunday: CLOSED

                                    Sault College Library is currently closed to the public until further notice. Please keep all Library Material until we reopen - ssh的一些安全设定-云栖社区-阿里云:2021-9-27 · SSH服务端配置、优化加速、安全防护 甩锅侠 2021-09-13 18:37:00 浏览1863 推荐给开发人员的实用命伌行工具.

                                    Library Staff will be working regular hours, and monitoring emails, online chats and texts. 

                                    医学英语翻译|Metabolism文本翻译:2021-8-27 · 学英语是个苦差事,尤其医学英语,更是量大又深奥。千万不能放松哟!今天的医学英语翻译分享来啦! Metabolism is the set of life-sustaining chemical reactions that takes place in the body’s cells, converting the fuel in the food we eat into the energy ...



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                                    Ebsco citations are now displaying the 7th APA edition.

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                                    Delivers comprehensive international business intelligence, compiled into a logical, useable context.


                                    Millions of peer-reviewed, full-text articles available from 1980 to present.



                                    Extensive coverage in the areas of agriculture, ecosystem ecology, energy, and affiliated areas of study.

                                    by rondoylelibrary



                                    Audio books available for download.


                                    Over 160,000 titles, with both academic selections and fiction.


                                    Full-text of nursing texts.

                                    Ebook Central

                                    Full-text of over 200 eBooks, many from the health and social sciences.

                                    Project Gutenberg Online Catalog

                                    Full text of ebooks (mostly classic novels with expired copyright).


                                    Business Insights: Global (Gale)

                                    Delivers comprehensive international business intelligence, compiled into a logical, useable context.


                                    黄铜挂片腐蚀速率超标原因分析及对策 - 道客巴巴:2021-5-10 · 014年10月第37卷第5期缸舷LargeScaleNitrogenousFertilizerIndustryOct.014Vo1_37No.5黄铜挂片腐蚀速率超标原因分析及对策杨 …

                                    Authoritative content including full-text titles cited in CINAHL supporting specialized care, treatment, and patient management


                                    Biography (Gale In Context)

                                    More than 600,000 biographical entries covering international figures from all time periods and areas of study.

                                    Book Review Index (Gale Literature)

                                    Includes more than 5.6 million book reviews, allowing users to conduct research in numerous disciplines, including literature, history, education, psychology, and more.


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                                    Biography and Genealogy Master Index

                                    【酷派怎么样】现伋_酷派怎么样_缺点_优点_口碑_汽车之家:2021-4-26 · 【最满意的一点】 V6前段加速声浪挺好 【最不满意的一点】 空间太小 【空间】 只适合2人,后面可伍放点东西或小孩 【动力】 前段可伍,后段不行 加速表现:D档加速比较迟钝,跑起来过后还是有点感觉的,还有它是前驱车,起步特容易打滑,有时方向容易跑

                                    Contemporary Women's Issues (Gale OneFile)

                                    Comprehensive coverage of issues that influence women’s lives across the globe.

                                    Health and Medicine (Gale OneFile)

                                    Information created specifically for students, knowledgeable consumer health researchers, and health care professionals.

                                    銀河英雄傳說 - 维基百科,自由的百科全书:2021-6-9 · 概要 背景设定为人类生存圈扩展到全銀河系的未来时空。 由於財富帶來糜爛,人們對政治失去信心,漸漸疏於履行民主之義務,野心家趁機奪權,重回專制體制,建立「銀河帝國」。 不滿帝制的人民展開逃亡,成立自由行星同盟。从此兩國互相爭戰达150多年,加上夾在中間之强大经济体——獨立 ...

                                    A wide range of full-text Spanish and Portuguese-language scholarly journals and magazines both from and about Latin America.

                                    Gale World Scholar: Latin America and the Caribbean

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                                    Access to literary works and authors throughout history and includes more than 130,000 full-text poems and 650,000+ poetry citations, as well as short stories, speeches, and plays.


                                    Up-to-date biographical information, overviews, full-text literary criticism and reviews on nearly 150,000 writers in all disciplines, from all time periods and from around the world.


                                    LegalTrac (Gale OneFile)

                                    Indexing for law reviews, legal newspapers, specialty publications, Bar Association journals, and international legal journals.


                                    Opposing Viewpoints (Gale In Context)

                                    Contextual information and opinions on hundreds of today's hottest social issues.


                                    Science (Gale In Context)

                                    Contextual information on hundreds of today's most significant science topics.

                                    World History (Gale In Context)

                                    Contextual information on hundreds of the most significant people, events and topics in World History.




                                    Access to over 30000 documentaries, classic and Indie films. TRIAL available until August 21, 2023.


                                    A non-theatrical distributor of Feature Films for many of Hollywood’s Major Motion Picture Studios. 


                                    会计专业名词词汇大全中英文对照 - 豆丁网:2021-6-3 · 会计专业名词词汇大全中英文对照


                                    Access to thousands of popular movies and classics. Works best with GOOGLE CHROME. In order to stream on Apple devices SWANK MEDIA PLAYER (available for free on the Apple Store) must be downloaded and installed.



                                    Streaming access to the best in educational content from CBC and Radio-Canada.
                                    To create a personal account click on the login button and enter access code TDQH-7MTU in the "Enter With An Access Code" link. Fill out the registration form and activate your account when prompted.


                                    Films on Demand

                                    Access to thousands of streaming videos that can be watched in their entirety or in segments. Videos cover a variety of topics including health & medicine, humanities & social sciences, and trades & technology.

                                    National Film Board

                                    Please note: NFB offers a paid rental service for non-NFB titles. NFB states this is their attempt to "showcase Canadian cinema produced outside of the NFB, while maintaining its mandate of being accessible to Canadians." These titles are not part of our collection, nor do they make up a large number of films.


                                    4 DSM-5 training videos for mental health professionals as well as articles and interviews.
                                    Best viewed in Chrome or Firefox.

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                                    (705) 759-2554 ext. 2711


                                    赛车引擎的问题_百度知道:2021-4-22 · 我用引自中国模拟赛车联合会里面的一篇帖子回答你吧,你看了伍后应该会有很大收获! 下面是引用的内容: "汽车的动力来自引擎,而引擎动力的产生是利用汽缸内油气的燃烧所产生的爆发力推动活塞而来,因此要获得良好的引擎性能就要从提高引擎的燃烧效率着手,从汽缸内油气燃烧的基本理论找出 ...

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